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Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our certified team of psychiatric and medical professionals provides each of our patients with individualized treatment for mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders using a full spectrum of holistically-tailored treatment and outpatient care.

Most Private Insurance Plans are Accepted

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Mental Health Programs Designed With Success in Mind

We offer a specialized mental health program for adults 18 and older who suffer from emotional and psychiatric health issues. Our team of trusted mental health therapists and medical professionals will evaluate, diagnose, and treat you with compassion and empathy.

Our team specializes in treating complex mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. Our areas of expertise include:

Mood Disorders: Depression, bipolar disorder, and complicated grief
Anxiety Disorders: Anxiety disorders, OCD, social anxiety, phobias, and panic disorders
Trauma: Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), grief & loss, dissociative disorders, and childhood trauma
Personality Disorders: Borderline personality, dependent personality, and narcissistic personality
Psychotic Disorders: Schizoaffective disorder

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